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Havent found anything I dont like!

Seriously. The best!

Best calendar app. Period.

I started using this app a couple of years ago, first attracted by the month views useability (easily customized, including font and font size) and readability. I compared about a half-dozen apps. Periodically Ill install a different top cal app to see how they compare. Still, this is the best. Best editing capabilities, most customizable, elegant design... does everything I could want from a calendar.

Awesome calendar

ITS THE BEST, nothing out there like it

Definitely awesome

Been using this calendar for at least 3 years now. I call it "my brain." Couldnt live without it. Never crashes, automatically syncs with my other calendars (Google, etc). Love it!

Use daily.

I use this app at least once a day if not twice. Its easy to use and easy for me to see and read. I never have issues with this calendar like I have had with others.

Best calendar app!

This calendar is the best one out there. Buy the regular version, you wont be disappointed. I have things that need specific days of the month, example, second Tuesday every month, this app does that. My phone and iPad are linked, so handy!

Best calendar app Ive ever used.

Easy to use.

Life saver

I dont know what I would do without this app. It syncs up nicely with my other apps and is truly a life saver ;)

best calendar app, could be a little better

I I think this is the best calendar app by far. I really wanted an app that looks like a regular calendar (unlike the crappy native iPhone app) and this app looks just like one, with landscape view and regular view. The weather for the week ahead is a really nice addition with just a swipe up or down. I find the sticker icons to be silly and useless. I absolutely love the event templates, so useful for a freelance worker like me whos weekly work schedule is constantly changing. It did take a while to figure out how to actually add a template though. The things that need improvements are better capability of editing templates, and the color of the events synching with the rest of my devices. So for example if I create a red colored event on my iPad, it.ll be whatever the default color is on my iPhone when I view it. This can be really annoying when youre looking at an all green calendar with no ease of differentiating. I also think it would be nice if the app icon itself showed the date of the month and updated automatically like the native app does But other than that the app is excellent.


I was frustrated with the iPhone standard calendar because I couldnt see the month at a glance or even the whole day at a glance very well. This calendar works perfectly. The little icons tell me the time and I like the clean design. Thanks Awesome Calendar! Totally worth the few dollars.

Best calendar

This is the best calendar and I love the feature that you can see the entire month at a glance. I also email the months activities to my husband which makes it easy.

Love this app!

Love! Love! Love!!

Great Calendar App

Ive been using this app for several years now. Its very easy to use and I like the options of views that I get and the flexibility of reminders.

Lives up to its name

This has become my go-to calendar. I was looking for a calendar that is intuitive to operate, has the day on the home screen, and daily notes. This has all that, and several other features (like weather). The streamlined event setting is great. Highly recommended. For those concerned that old events disappear after a month -- thats your ios calendar setting, not an awesome calendar issue.

Great App.

Easy to work with, although the templates could be a little easier to edit. Overall well worth the purchase.


I have been using this calendar app for about a year now and it has been perfect for me. I love it.

Everyday use

I really like this planner/calendar app. I was looking for something I could customize with fonts and colors, and this app has it! Great features. A long term use app for sure.

One of the best

The Awesome Calendar is now my default calendar. Love the way it syncs with my other devices. Highly recommend it!


The app is great! Its a bummer I paid full price a few days ago and now its on sale!!


This is the best calendar I have found out there. You can organize by color which I find very helpful. I also add my reminders to it so I do not forget anything I need to do. I keeps me very organized because my memory stinks. Lol. Only once it froze up and wouldnt do anything. I let it sit for a few hours and it started working again. I would definitely recommend this calendar to anyone who needs to stay organized or who forgets easily. Its great!

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