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This is amazing

Ive used a lot of calendars on the iPhone and this is the only one that makes sense. Although it can probably get even better with a few tweaks here and there. Its pretty great right now. I have a horrible time organizing, this calendar has really helped me over the last year. And hopefully from here on out. Keep the updates coming :)

Best calendar app!

This is the best designed calendar app that I have found to date. Pros: 1)You can see all events listed on the month-view of the calendar, instead of just a dot as seen in i-calendar. This is the best layout I have seen for visual organization purposes. 2)Easy to use colors to differentiate events and attach alarms to events if needed. Cons: 1)Not all features are intuitive, so you have to look into it. But- the FAQ section is helpful, and all of my emailed questions have been answered relatively timely.

Best calendar app!

Ive had this app for at least 4-5 years and love it. I recommend it to everyone. Im a visual person and the ability to color code calendar items is priceless. It also can sync with the Apple calendar app & google calendars. Worth every penny! Also the creators listen to suggestions and always seem to be making the app better!

No longer abandoned!

I gave this app 3 stars before and an impression that it had been abandoned (several years without upgrades) contributed significantly. Recently, though, this developer is all over the app and multiple and rapid-fire updates have delivered long-overdue updates and bug fixes. It now appears fully supported and that’s worth a lot! What’s great about this app is that it delivers readable and understandable versions of a monthly, daily and weekly calendar. The weekly calendars in particular are beautiful and well crafted. There is a timeline view, a paper organizer view and a filofax view, something for everyone and every purpose. If you look at the screen shots, you see clear information that’s readable at a glance, which is a far cry from the model used by Fantastical, for instance, which thinks that a numeric grid with nothing but coloured dots contains any kind of usable information. Search capability was abysmal, but has been upgraded recently. The app is stable, has no screen display issues (like missing or overprinted text), is fast and seamlessly interacts with the internal databases for quick and solid native device synching. This is a 5 star app.

Needs to syn with iPhone

Great app but needs to sync with I phone


Just trying to delete a reoccurring event is so frustrating, and forget going to the manual, useless gibberish and ineffective user recommendations. Dont use it, the regular calendar that comes with iPad and iPhone does as good if not better job

The best calendar app I ever used

Amazing calendar

Calander App that simplifies my life

Thanks to Awesome Calander on my iPhone I can keep my copious doctors appointments, important family & friends events & birthdays, etc. I use it to also keep track of my medications that are that are taken in doses every 48+hrs. It is a life saver and helps me keep life in order and reminds me of all I need to do to stay as healthy as possible for a person with multiple chronic illnesses and resulting memory issues.

Love it!

Its a little more complicated than most calendars BUT if youre a color coded visual person who needs to differentiate than this is the one for you!!!


I have tried nearly all of the practical calendar and ToDo apps that have become available but I always keep coming back to this simply because nothing else can match its versatility and ease of use. It is simply the best there is.

I Love This Calendar!

The iPhone calendar app is lame. This one is so nice because all your events are fully and clearly written out. The widget that they made for the iphone home pull-down screen is very handy. Definitely 5 stars.

Great Calendar App

This is a much better calendar than comes with iPhone. Nice App!

A "must have" app

This is a great app. Ive always been disappointed in digital calendars and have stuck with my traditional paper calendar until I found this app. It has the flexibility to let me record things the way I want, it moves reminders that are not completed to the next day, it is easy to make and edit entries. I have used this for 8 months and havent found that it lacks anything.

One star until

One star until you support Apple Watch, then you will get (maybe) 2-3 stars.

Great layout

By far my favorite calendar app due to monthly calendar layout with actual text boxes. I have been using it for 1.5 years and its been great, recommend it to all my friends.

Made for the modern age

Perfect calendar, planner, note, and list solution. Made for the modern person who doesnt want to carry paper and pencil anymore.

Best Calendar App

Ive tried several calendar apps and researched what seems like hundreds but this is my All Time Favorite. It has a lot of options to customize and share but its still easy to use. And it syncs with my Google calendar too so I can enter from my laptop and its automatically on my phone and iPad too. Great App!!!

Best of The Best

This app was tops before it experienced sync issues in the cloud with its "Notes" function. But all issues have been fixed and this app is by far the very best calendar/planner/note taking app on the Internet. I have literally tried them all and this "all-in-one" delivers on its promises. I highly recommend it. Five Stars Plus.

Great app

This is my go to app. I love that I can color code the different calendars and even different events within a calendar. I do wish they had an option for reassuring events for the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th weeks of a month but thats the only thing on my wish list. My husband and I both use iPhones and between the two of us we have about 5 different calendars and this app keeps them all straight.


Has everything I need.

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