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Good app!

My only complaint...I wish repeating tasks were easier to enter. Otherwise, its great!

Best calendar app

This is by far the best calendar app out there. I downloaded several calendar and/or planner apps before, only to be disappointed by one feature or another, or the lack there of and to ultimately delete them. Finally, I came across awesome cal and it was so awesome I quickly decided to shell out the money for the full version. It may seen pricey at first, but thats really the price of a calendar at staples and think about it, if you buy those every year, this app saves you money in the long run. So, to me awesome cal is the app version of an actual paper calendar, which is great. Its easy to use, easy to personalize with colors and emojis and the faded out options for past events are great perks. In addition, the strike thru option for completed reminders gives you the option to cross off things as you get them done, just like you would on an actual paper planner, which makes you feel very productive and helps keep you on top of things. One thing I would add would be an option to cross off past days just like you would on a real calendar and strike thru options for to dos and events as well, just cause these actions are such great positive reinforcements to keep you productive. Also, I forgot to mention, the other great thing about this app is the option to add other calendar and/or holidays. So I added jewish holidays, but unlike ical which adds a Hebrew calendar on top of the Gregorian resulting in a display of two dates for the same day, which can get very confusing, Awesome cal only shows jewish holidays on the Gregorian calendar making it very easy and convenient if you want to know when certain holidays fall during the year. All in all, I would love to see some more updates to the app, as Ive mentioned above, but its still the best calendar app out there and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Great app

I love this app it keeps me on schedule I only wish it would sync with my outlook calendar


Awesome calendar which works well on its the Widget. I love that I can go back years to refer to appointments and events I attended in the past. Great planner and record keeping.

No adequate words

I have paid for a dozen calendar apps. This is by far the best. No comparison to others and I have used this one for three years.

Doesnt Get Much Better

I LOVE this app ... fits all my needs!

Wouldnt be without this app!

Love the reminders and organization with the app


An excellent improvement over the Apple calendar

Most convenient app ive ever had

Very convenient advance app

Top shelf where Mama hides the cookies

Makes managing a busy travel schedule a breeze.

Best app so far

Tried too many for my daily activities but this app so far does its job. Love the way you can creat password and to back up the file in case ever lost which it happened to me before.

Great app

Really like this app to keep my schedule at my fingertips. Either I havent figured out how to do it or you cant do it but wish I could put repeat things that I do everyday or clients that I see on the same days during the week without having to type it in every time.

Great application

Use it every day I really like how it shares information with all my devices.


Subscription something blah blah is posted to all my calendars now with instructions "delete subscription in device settings." This makes no sense as there is nothing to "delete" or renew or anything. Completely annoying. Deleting app.

The perfect calendar! Car

Ive tried a lot of calendars and this is the only one that reliably met my expectations. My one complaint is that it was hard to know if I had correctly renewed it. I especially like way I can add color to the print and/or the whole day. It is very easy to navigate through the various options.

Favorite calendar app

I need one that offers numerous, fully flexible alerts. This is the best one Ive used.

Excellent tool once you figure it out

It took me a long time to figure out how to synch my devices and figure out which calendar was which in but once I did it has been a great help to me

Awesome cal

The most important app on my phone. I put everything in this app and it works easily and flawlessly.

Great app

Ive used this for years and am now addicted to it in my daily digital world. It takes a minute to learn just like any great software with lots of features but as time passes you become accustomed to it and its fun to play with when youre bored and want to put emojis and flare into your calendar.

Elegant, with the most options.

Awesome Cal has the most elegant calendar views, and is very user-customizable. Ive downloaded and tried out so many of the other calendars and quite frankly have been shocked at how poorly most of them are, the Apple calendar is particularly inept. Thank you Awesome Calendar team!

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