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Left and right ends of the top orange bar cannot feel my fingers.

No need

No need to download & pay. There are more alternatives...

Notes sync not working

Although this was one of the proposed, and one of my most needed, features of this app, with the new updates on ios, the feature is not working. The producer is running late to coop up with the updates. Once in every year issuing an update. If you need an app which can coop up with ios, this is not the one.

I liked it a lot

Please add Turkish holidays to calender in new version.


This is the one of the best application that I tried before. Thanks to all team that works on it.


I try few calendars and this one seems to be the best nice app

Cool thing

I like it, its very comfortable to use)) thank you))))

The best calendar

Really I dont need any more nor reminders, nor to-do apps, nor other calendars. I found "Awesome" and stopped. Thats all. I do what I want, I have what I need.


Good application. It provides all I need. Very easy integrated with standard calendar and others.

Вылетает после обновы(

5.2.2. Crashing bug nit fixed

Problems on iphone after last update

This is one of lovely app on iphone. But after more than 3 years of using i faced with the problem after their last update (there coudnt open the main window). But its very strange for me that support team keeping the silence after several mails i wrote them during a week... :( hope that smbd will hear and problem will be solved soon.


A good calendar. Would be perfect if: -Weekdays added to wheels when giving a date to an event. -Refined method to pass from a view to another one; e.g. filofax is present only in some views

The best

Very useful

Love the app

Easy to use calendar. Very useful!

Best Calendar App by far.

It has everything you could ever want!!!!!

This app does everything I need it to and more! I just read someones review complaining about ads...I have been using the app numerous times a day continously since downloading it several months ago and I have installed all updates -- and I have never had any ads pop up ever... This truly is an Awesome Calendar!

Pretty good but could stand to have more enhancements

I generally like the calendar but I wish they would add the ability to view a date on the calendar and add an event to it. Instead, the add event always defaults to todays date. I also wish they would add the ability to edit the calendars instead of having to go to the iPhone calendar.

Great Calendar!!!

This is a great calendar! Ive been so organized since I started using it a couple weeks ago. I love the fact that my to-do list carries over if I dont complete an item. I like putting stickers on dates I need to stand out. Easy to color code items, and syncs with online calendar! So easy to view months ahead, or items in the past. It truly is an "amazing calendar!"

Great calendar

One of the very few apps I actually bought. Very powerful calendar tools.

A good calendar, despite a minor bug

Version 5.3.2 still crashes on iPad when I try to enter a new event and change its default Calendar and alarm. This bug has been around forever, despite messages to developer support. Ive learned to work around this bug, but the failure to fix it gives me pause. Update: Still have the bug mentioned above, but will recommend Awesome Calendar despite that, because it is the most user-friendly and customizable calendar app Ive found. Also, in response to complaints about "ads" appearing in the calendar: Those were Thanksgiving weekend spam from China, exploiting a hole in Apples "Invite" function on the iOS Calendar. Has nothing to do with this calendars development. Lets hope Apple has plugged that hole.

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