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one star is one too many

appointments keep disappearing . . . when l enter an appointment it does not show up. . . . other than that it is sort of OK

Positive reviews?

Not sure why people are excited about this app. Its a pretty tasteless app. Yes, lots of buttons and settings, but mostly useless. Tell me how can I use it if I am unable to send an invite to a person which email is not in my contact list??? I should first enter him or her into contacts, and then it becomes possible. Why cant I just punch email in the invite??? The app looks like its from 70s. There is no possibility to add any files to an invite or reminder, no document attachment from cloud is possible either. Really, very raw product. Completely unsatisfied.


Top notch. My favourite calendar/planner by far. Easily customisable for me.

Good for a busy schedule

Very helpful and I live the color coding!

Used it for many years

Love it! Its been my main calendar for organizing my life and never had a problem with it once!


Very helpful , LOVE IT

Awesome !

Great addition to the boring iOS calendar. Using now for a month. No issues. Great user interface too.


Great !! I use it all the time.I really love this app, hadnt thought of using it in conjunction with my iPad but will. I purchased another app thinking that it ( project planner purple on jacket with an old pen) for $ 6.99 CAD and now Im stuck with it and wont use it for the year subscription, yours is so much superior. The lettering, I find small on my iPhone but it is so handy. Thank you again.


Awesome calendar keeps track of everything and my husband and I sync so we always know what is happening !


This is one of the better calendars I have ever used. It is intuitive and customizable.

Best calendar app!

Excellent! Use it everyday with no issues!

Not reliable AT ALL!

Dates and Settings offer change by themselves..... Very unreliable! I would not recommend even if this was free. Try other calendars first. Asked for help from developers months ago but they never responded.


It as all I need to be my favourite scheduler.......

Grear App Extremely Customizable. Must buy.

I use this calendar every day. The cloud sync is also an awesome feature if you need to share your calendar with your IPad or other IPhones. Support is great, constant updates. Must have Calendar. A+++++

dokdo belongs to KOREA!(独島は韓国のもの)

タイトルの文章がアプリ内に記載されています。 主張は結構ですが、本当に分かりにくい所に書かれている所が気持ち悪いです。 一気に使う気が失せましたので消します。


Weather please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty good.

I wish it would load faster. I wish it automatically loaded into landscape view. Works well. I dont really use the notes or other features. It looks good. Ciao.


very useful

Calendar app with complete features

Very good and useful calendar app. When you started for the first time, you will see the tutorial to make this app quite easy to use for the first time. Also, What makes this app better than other calendar apps is its additional features. Nice additional extra features such as pretty accurate weather info and nice smileys are what makes this app even more useful.

Very good

Fun to use

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